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    Flaremont University has designed different programs which will help students take their academic careers to the next best level.

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    Flaremont University is an accredited online university that offer different online degree programs from its top 16 schools of study.

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    Flaremont University is accredited by prestigious regulatory bodies from across the globe.

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    Flaremont University is committed towards offering affordable and accessible online education in different online degree programs.

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    Our students are successfully earning at different well-known organizations.

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    Scholarship Programs

    At Flaremont University, students are provided scholarships as per their merit records.

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The mission of Flaremont University is to provide students access to quality and affordable higher education which help students develop skills and knowledge to attain their aim and ambitions. The mission is fulfilled by offering online degree, diploma and certificate programs that will help online students to excel in both their academic and professional career.

About Flaremont University

Flaremont University offers different academic programs from 16 different schools of study. Students prefer studying online with Flaremont University as compared to physically attending college and university because of flexibility.

Through Flaremont University students can get their accredited online degree programs at their own pace so that they can maintain a balance between their professional and academic career. Our global presence makes it easier for students to complete their education from anywhere across the globe.

Moreover, students are getting better career opportunities as we are collaborated with the top employers which ensure our graduates with lucrative jobs worldwide.


Why studying at Flaremont University is the best choice?


Get to know us by exploring what we have to offer you for you academic career.

  • Accreditation & Recognition

    Our university is accredited & chartered by the top global accredition bodies. We have membership and recognition in many education governing bodies.

  • Global Presence

    We are present in different locations throughout the world. You can find us in any region.

  • Governance

    We host highly distinguished faculty members who are experts their respective fields.

  • Ranking

    We are ranked as on of the top online institutions because of our high quality education standards.

The time that I spent here has been the best time of my life. I wouldn't have been able to complete my MBA if it wasn't for the flexible and self paced study program being offered here

Brook Jones, MBA